Monday, May 31, 2010

My life Line

Haha...hi hi, this will be the 1st time i write blogs. I'm Elaine Phua from Langkap. Langkap is a small village from the state of Perak. I born in Hospital Besar Seremban. From 0 to 3 i been take care by my grand n aunt. My parent went oversea where call Papua New Guinea, a place where most the resident is black skin ppl n the place is quite dangerous.
          When i was 3 i went there to stay with my parent where i go study for kindergarten also. My mum tell me that the 1st time i talk i was actually talking hokkien with the English ppl...ha-ha so funny... but i dun have much of the memories.I just remember that there was a water bed in our house a lot of dogs n puppies n delicious coconut, mum cook Asian dishes for me lik nasi lemak roti canai banana cake other i cant get back the memories. I think i went to Hong Kong as well where i got visit ocean park n Macau. In the ocean park i get a photo of me made in to a key chain as a souvenir n i was playing banana boat at 3 years old i think.I was totally shock at that time which still a phobia to me till now but i had overcome it.Haha...
After that i was send back from there to study my kindergarten at Seremban then before this i was having my kindergarten in PNG but then dun noe y papamama send me back to M'sia. Everyday my grandpa will send me to my kindergarten by motor. so with no parent in side is like this de lo...In the kindergarten i always get bully by a boy...but i dint tell my grandparent but after that teacher found out n the ms just canned the boy. He used to pinch me beat me n i always get the bruise.
             It was mother's day on the time in kindergarten n ms made a carnation paper flower for each of us as a give to mum, but for me my mum was still outside of the country how am i going to send the flower to her as i was still a small n unacknowledged child. So i just put the flower at the top of the stair. I think i say to my grandpa i wan to give it to mama when mama come back...still can feel the heartbreak of me when writing this... it feel so helpless when mama papa not around. The last thing i remember the carnation is my grandpa ask me to throw it but i was refusing but dunno how the carnation seems gone. So the flower was throw to the bins before i get it for my mama
         After that, i remember that once, i gave ma a a give that dunno where i pick it up n just wrap with a calendar paper n just give her. i feel so happy at that time cause i gave something to my mama. another thing is that i was so naughty that i play in around the motorcycle and when i want to come down i fall n i hurt my leg... it leave a 1 to 2 inch of scar till now..
        After that mama n papa came back n stay in M'sia to work. My mum told me that the primary school teacher always complaint about the cleanliness n tidiness of my school uniform. After this not much memory can i caught back ad...i think it just went trough normally.
         We move to Klang i study for 6 year there for my primary then to was a new place for me in Langkap. what a small town. when me and my family 1st came to Langkap, the food was completely sooooooooo cheap than in Klang until we are so shock when we heard the price.
         My new life from here as new place new situation new air,like the twilight d actress then, i start my secondary in a school call Dato'Sagor a school where contain a lot of different people and i still dun noe how to deal with them. for the 1st day we just simply been separate to a classroom before we can start school. as i get in to a class where i mix with a after pre secondary d student which is mine senior. they seems good n nice to me as the girl chat with me quiet a long time asking me y i change class to here y no stay at kl...... then after all been separate in class they were few of us cant been call up the name as we are come from different place d school d student change to here. Then the principle say that i dun have the verify paper that saying that i have the authority to sate in this school i was shock n started to cry. after that i been give to a class where there are mostly naughty student go and pre-secondary school student stay.
        Then i saw the girl again as she told me that i sit here dun sit there. As i still so naif,i just follow the order of the teacher then the girl say change then the teacher also no say anything. then i just change to the place she say.then after one week i change to the second class is from 1A1 to 1A2 a class where i meet another bunch of student that is naughty, there i still be a good girl.
         Then after 3 day i change to a class 1A8 the class where i find all my friend from then till now. from the girl that take me to the class was now my best ever friend Mei Jean. haha...we two was still funny with this as how we noe each other as we had make a line tight up when u take me to my class. from there start with mixing with malay as i dun noe how to mix. then come two chinese gal asking wat ur name? that is Chia Yee and Pei Ying. if i no mistaken. form then we play n play,study. and chaos one day then friend back again..haha... until we change class it become a distant and it stop.
        It still there,become lesser. then mix and mix friend become more but no long distant friendship.until form 3 end i noe a guy from the phone. his name is O.D. he is a cute guy as dun noe y that goes my puppy love with him. then after that he change saying wan to break as he need to go sabah n work. i was lik so hurt so hurt until a half day i finally go ok.then i just accept lo. then i change a few phone naif(==_) after that i meet with nam yinn that we will go long kai everyday.haha dunnoe for wat...haha... then nonstop talk with her.
       Then meet with other  in form 4 and 5. play play fun fun laugh laugh till dunnoe the time n day. wahahaha, nice form 4 and 5. haha. after that come a guy call nick. dunnoe for wat attract me and my best friend ting. now we are just a stranger that noe but no talking. he is they one who ruin my life or can say i make him come in and ruin my life. wat a stupid i am. it make an exprience for me that time is man only wan is sex no other.
He will make me to go his house to do something for him as once i lik to go to his house as the smell attract me and the hug he give me. i still can remember as that time i was helping him to press his pimple out then play till lik he is up me using his chin to tickle me in my face then he stop and look at me then he become closer and closer to kiss me. i was lik turn here and there as i dun wan to let him to kiss me. he just force me to stay still by making me no space to turn(==_) then i just been kiss n kiss n kiss... dunnoe for wat..>< so terrible. then i came n came again for more n more.   i think i stop here. i need to have some of the flash back so that i can continue from small to i meet him.

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