Wednesday, December 11, 2013

i b back

i m haha. how everybody going?
i m fine i m good i m preparing to be.... a super girl
no la just joking. i m stress. i m stress till the max. this is not the life i wan. what i wan is free work money dropping form the sky. keyi jiu haolol. what i m doing now is morning 830 to 6 having 2k per month. tak cukup guna lo... 450 for rental, 150 for phone. 150 for insurance, 100 for calvin. 90 astro. aisk aisk thinking wont bring to anywhere. so i will make myself up. i be selling healthy product o. and  bag, and cake or will be cheap and nice. i will earn every thing 5 ringgit sahaja. so if 100 person buy from me, i get only 500....@@ macam tak cukup eh.... baru dapat cover the 150 150 100 90. tinggal 10.... omg... goverment sir could u spare me more br1m... tak cukup la. u asyik naik semua u ingat saya earning 100k permonth meh... br1m macam bagi pegemis saja..
complaint complaint. it wont bring me to anywhere but we human like to talk bad than good. so we should chage our attitude. talk good talk good.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Time fly fast like plane d~ it is 2013 ad.... new plan new idea new goal~ haha
things does change in a way of thinking. but i will still continue the way i want it to b now. what i wan is a win win situation, dun show that you are so pity and hope that i can leave him as because of the face dunno put where, you should be happy as i found a good guy like him and pls forget his past. as you say past ad past let it go, then y u are thinking bout his past then when i touch on your sister past you say past d dun think bout it...aisk.
nvm... time will let everything go smooth~
god bless~