Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Experience

A day for a good experience and lesson.
Today June 10, 2010, is the day where me n my group went to the coaching session where we will attend every Thursday from 11 to 4pm. Although it is tired n exhausted, it is a good time to study and learn what human and personal development.
We start our journey at 6a.m, for me I need to wake at 5a.m cause I depart from my hometown which it need 30minute to reach Kampar. As I was about to arrive, one of my member send me message and say ‘I need 15 minute to prepare as I just wake up.’ As I was still in the way of arrive so I just take my time and travel in a safe mode.
When I arrive I found that one of our members had fall sick as food poisoning. Then our team leader just wake as I reach the place. So at last we depart late again on 6:30a.m. The 1st day we depart at 7a.m now improve 6:30a.m. Good
As we arrive, we had been coach by Ms Shamini, our coach that guides us as our live skill coach and Mr Cheong guide our progress. It was a good experience as we learn trough listening and briefing as talk coach talk coach. After that Ms surprise us with a task of “ now I have a good news and a bad news” the good news is you all be coaching my children that will be coming to my community cafĂ© later and the bad news is we are not going to the garden today. So you all need to coach my children. The objective is easy just let them learn a lesson in English today.
My leader was like totally shock when he receives the message, 1 of the member and I was excited n high as we going to play with the kids. Wuhu~~~~~~~ so happy as I was about to conduct a game or help them to learn. The kids are mostly from lower primary and some of them cannot speak well English.
We among ourselves discuss n discuss n discuss as nothing work. While one of our team members that talk less became so talkative this is because he is so nervous as it express out through talk. So funny…
Everything happens for a reason. Every experience makes a person move forward. Everything do happen for a reason, no why this thing happen to me why not other? Why? By thinking like this it will not make the person go forward as it just will make people go backward. How the experiences make you to move forward? Not how is by what. What you can learn to make this to become true?

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