Friday, May 21, 2010


i have been i my house for like one week and i dint go out at all.... wahahahah.... but i did go for buy thing and make payment lo...then what am i doing in this one week? hahaha... i cook clean play play play then FYPFYPFYP final year project as we need to finish on time .
Wat a day.... nothing happen to me in this day ... haha...just a calm sea out there... no one is gossiping about me in my parent ear's. that is a good thing for me... but i will feel so bored as I CANT ONLINE in my house until today..... wala days..... hahaha.. but it fine with me cause i'm not too addicted to net but to facebook i'm addicted. without facebook i will feel i'm going slow with those who are playing in the facebook. i dint play game in the facebook but wat i do is chatting comment and lik hahahaha. that all for now.. i will continue de.. some day some place

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