Monday, May 24, 2010

wat a day

1st day at my IA( internship) haha... wake at 7 do some washing bathing n brushing n make up- ing already 9:15 am...haha.. i'm so slow motion. i go with my bf last Saturday to Seberang Prai at Bukit Mertajam. haha.. nice place in a big rushing city there was a quiet small village live a bunch of ppl where they children mostly are big school graduated students. hmm..... i wonder...... but it to admit that the place was quiet big and very nice place. the plantation was tidy n neat. they have a garden where it was nice simple n clean n nice. i like that place that have this things. i like environment maybe.
ha.. ya wat i do in my 1st day of my intern?
I was ther around 9:45 then i wait wait wait then chat chat with friend same intern place with me. then we start our intern at 10:15 with coach by Mei Yen until 11: 45 then we ask ask ask ask ask ask ask then after all settle we get together n have a photo shooting ... then wala..... finish work at 12: 15pm. hahaha... wat a day...
good thing is i enter the right place...haha

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