Monday, May 31, 2010

bro bro

today was my half moody day i think cause i wake up so early in the morning then had breakfast. then i feel great. it was a good family day.Haha cause we go for my little bro final competition of badminton. when it was his turn to play i feel so proud n nervous as he playing... my papa n mama n my bro laugh at me cause it like i'm playing not my little bro who play...haha cute me... then i took a picture of him n his double match player. the most right is my little bro n the orange color is they final competitor. it was so amazing that my bro skill n technique was so nice n strong. feel so happy to him n proud too. haha... after that we when to jusco... the most crowded place haha.. cause almost new year.... but i dint buy any thing at sad... i wan to wait my hubby to come back n go shop with him....haha...then i can wear the thing that he buy haha.... miss him sooooo much..... almost like 2 month dint see him but it just 3 week time only...cause every week he will come n accompany me on my free time so it make me so uneasy on everything ...after all the grocery thing that had brought we when back lu.. wat a tired day... haha nice. enjoy the day guys

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