Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DUn noe

i so bored ah... i done a thing that seen a long time i dint do. that is cut my hair short till i cant believe it and it will like when my primary standard one hair so short but that time shorter. hehe... the second thing i do is i go shopping till i buy up to 100++ thing in Elianto...walao i cnt believe it.... haha... but nvm is my thing that i lik and after all the hard working i should buy something to pamper my self.  oh well i doing the same thing this few week. wake late than the sun shine in the middle sleep when the moon half sleep. wake up breaksfat then sit in front of the pc play game play fb watch stupid show... hahahaha funny show laugh die me. but i dint go out except with my mum
but i wish to go out with him lo... miss die u~ haha..

finish... wat a day. giv u see my photo...

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