Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bla~~~i frustated!!!!!! totally!!!!!!!!!

Haha... quiet a long time dint update blog d... busying with my intern work so much... so many thing need to do especially fund raising is on the way.. make me more n more work... other... haiz... need to settle quiet a lot of thing by just doing by myself ! quiet frustrated... nvm~ i still can do the best i can so that we still get the  SAME GRADE although i n jun do the most! 
 it will be nice if u all can volunteer come n search or ask for work. and u all know what u need to do already but wat are u all doing. it suppose had lot lot lot lot of work starting this week. lot of thing that i need to do u can come n ask.. not just only doing the flower n box and ribbon. those is second important thing lo.....haiz......
i still enjoy the work and sometime i still like to mumble here cause i really need support also... the most important thing now is sponsorship!!!!!!! haiz...... wat thing u need to do in the office wo! 

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