Friday, October 12, 2012

Ta da~~~ finally have the time to type here~ wahahahaha
this year start it seems i am so busy to do so many thing, what i do is only~ sleep~~~wahahaha~
it had been 4 years since we together. it time to move on~ i will go confront my parent on accepting my choice on you and forever is u my choice. How he treat me i am the one who only noe. i do not need to show off at everyone how he treat me, how good is him, wan ppl come over him me. aiyo.CANNOT. he is mine and forever. sorry not available for you all...blek. ya, he is not good looking and has a big tummy, but he treat me better than who ever beside me.
i want to tell my parent but how i going to start the conversation leh.....>< bother me alot.
i should tell them how good he treat me? how he care for me? how he is when he is with me, and how is his personality is? haiz...
i wanna registered married next year d. without parent acknowledge is a no good way. let them noe they say no, i will still insist to go for him as i am the one who noe how good is him when we are together and how happy am i when we are together, ya sure there is some minor argument during this period but what it do is tie use more tide only.

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