Tuesday, October 30, 2012

everythng happen for a reason

i believe everything happen for a reason.

what i had done i should bare the consequence.

this time it will b a big wan as what i want i will get it and i will.

most of the time ppl just see the surface of the person and if u dunnoe him by looking the past of him and look of him u will say, what the fuck u wan to b with this idiot?

ya, i m rude.

yes he is this kind of look that been given to you guy. his past n look. pls do get along with him and noe him like i do to make sure u are not judging it by it cover. i will proof it that what u guys do is wrong, and i will b the last to win. but what i wish for is a win win situation not a one win one lose.

sometime i wish i just could run away and let u both lose the war. i m not going to go that way unless u force me to the wall and make me do it.

what u guys do is listen those ppl who is black hearten talk bad bout him. why? how bad is him?? where he is a super caring n soft guy i ever meet? how not loving is him? where he take care of the family until work till he get so tired at night? how not responsible of him? where he take care of the family inside out and protective of the family. how bad will he b? i wonder?

did you noe y he was divorce? because he ad give up for his wife who is not loyalty, not filial piety, not care for the family and children.

y i say so?
A housewife who give birth for 3 beautiful child, this eldest get abuse when she was small, the second get sick due to lack of taking care her and make her a water pail to play for few hour and almost die cause of her lack alert and till the next day only she go tell her in-laws, make the youngest been spoil and bad temper? this is a good mum ya? not doing any house chores let the mother in law do everything and having TNMJP,TNYMGJB,TN,and make the children learn those word. when the mother in law got stroke due to her who cause this, she went for work and leave the mother in law in house alone for 3 years. and said the mother in law, this is your time, this time you are died, noe how to eat duno how to do. this time you are finish. tell me how good this women is?tell me
when divorce, the mental stress that she done almost get the whole family go n suicide especially him, did u guys noe that, u don no.
during court time, did you noe what the wife tell the judge, the judge ask the wife, why u dun wan to take the children? you have the priority to have them y u choose not to?
do you wan to noe the answer of the wife? she say want it for what, disturb my way and blocking it. (oi le zuo mak yet? tou suo lam giok) in cantonese if u get what i means. this is a good woman?
i m clear with everything, as u noe everything i do is sometime is so stubborn till i hurt u, this guy make it and 4 year we been together. i was as happy as an angel. who noe that? all of my friend had eye, and they can proof it.

i noe you guys, status is more important than me, i wish to sacrifice my selves and can i say a word to you?

u had lose a son lose a daughter because of your stubbornness on the status and face, is it so important of the face and status than the happiness of your children? tell me?
i am not doing anything unmoral,  moral is respect is ppl who gave you, not yourselves who decide it. do you not face is ppl who gave, status is thrown by ur selves.

did you noe the most been hurt, is not u both, is me and you sons. u thought everything u do is the best for us, but did you ask did u take agreement from us on what we want what we wish for? you dint. you dint......

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