Friday, October 12, 2012


Finally I' M GRADUATED.... it feels like after exam i clear with the thing i wanna to do but it seems all need to be postpone as parent going out oversea to work. nvm... plan can change whenever thing do not turn well ya. as for me i m flexible enough i think as i was planning to become a teacher for full time, due to i need to take care of my bro i will had to make a change on having tuition instead of teaching in school.
well things still going good. ^^
what happen to me on my admitted to hospital?
haha, if i tell u u will feel funny bout me as i was going to my family doctor to had my minor minor surgery on the ingrown nail at my big toe. it does pain n look scary to me. but after everything had been done and the nurse had do the dressing well then the time i sit and doctor was about to write the medicine for me, i tell the doctor, i feel dizzy@@
Dr. ask me to lay down n the nurse gave me a cup of duno wat orange flavor drinks. then i feel better. after that i went out but Dr. insist i stay in the clinic for 10 minute and ask my parent to fetch me.
this is what happen when my parent came in i feel more n more dizzy till a stage that i start feel like vomiting and my eyesight gone. serious till i shock my Dr. then they start let me lay down and start pok me.... more pain....aisk...

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