Friday, January 28, 2011


Do u know that when u are not around i will start to feel so insecure when i in hostel?
Sometimes will do something that is out of my mind just to get away the insecure feeling. i tell u i miss u so much n miss till wan cry liao then u will scold me ben dan and noe i will b crying as u are not in my place at the moment.
i know that u are outstation and i wish that u can give me a surprise visit as i like surprise. it been a long time u dint give me a surprise,dear.
i know i make u worry as i go clubbing alone and i noe u dun like me to mix with my friend that only will noe how to use me n trow me in the water when got thing happen. i noe most of my friend will get they eye pop out when thy noe bout us at 1st. i can tell to all my friend that u ar the one for me and I LOVE U so much till i cant control it in time~ i had been with u for 3 year d. the feeling still like just noe u for one month. dint see u in a week like dint see u in few year~ every time when u come my place i will be so happy that the smile that i had in my face is from my heart.
that day that u hug me so tight that i feel that u are so precious me but u dun tell as u ar those guy that like to keep all the thing in ur heart. the hug was sooooooooo nice n loving till i so touch and almost cry again as i think i make from water~ haha~>< but i love the hug so much~ in this valentine day remember to get me 3 stalks of roses.
Thanks so much dear for making me grow n become a better person~
Hope we can get trough all the thing and can b together in a open way and the 888888888 po and 88888888gong cant say anything bout us anymore~ see one kill one~><

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  1. Touched by ur words..i believe both of u can work out well one ^^ just the timing only i guess..